FEMO is a furniture system that convinces with clear aesthetics, easy handling and versatility. It was important for me to create a system that offers a completely tool-free assembly and disassembly. This means that the pieces of furniture can be changed in shape or easily disassembled and transported without any major effort. The system is […]


„carry“ is a box for a cargo bike, which makes the everyday life of the customers easier. It protects the transported goods from rain. The modular fastening system using tension straps makes it easy and safe to transport a variety of goods. The box was designed so that it can be shipped in a package […]


umschwung is a serving plate with the option to sled. It symbolizes the childlike euphoria before the first snow and reminds us to have fun with the simple things. Also beyond the Christmas season umschwung serves as a unique plate that makes the serving special.The end of the project ‘Budenzauber’ was the sale at Ventana. […]


ease is a modular kitchen appliance concept that allows a fusion of manual and automatic operation. The product family can be individually adapted to individual needs and situations, thus forming an innovative solution to existing products. The user has the possibility to operate the products completely manually, mechanically or, if required, to extend the basic […]